• PMI® Avatar Radio Harness

    PMI® Avatar Radio Harness

    This simple and sleek harness is designed to attach to the Avatar Diamond chest harness, keeping your radio accessible and out of the way. This lightweight harness takes the place of an additional radio harness, making the setup more comfortable and...
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  • PMI® Stealth Radio Harness

    PMI® Stealth Radio Harness

    You won’t even know you are wearing the Stealth Radio Harness. The no-bulk design stores all of your gear while maintaining a snug fit. Features: Antenna keeper Large pocket w/Velcro closure Pen pocket Side grommets for adjustable...
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  • PMI® Chest Roller Harness

    PMI® Chest Roller Harness

    A stand alone chest harness for mounting the PMI® single or double chest roller assembly. The ingenious strap system lets you raise the roller higher on your chest by pulling down on the straps, while chest strap pulls to the front to tighten. Not a...
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  • PMI® Radio Chest Harness

    PMI® Radio Chest Harness

    An indispensable uniform component for any rescuer, the PMI® Radio Harness adjusts instantly to comfortably fit any size person. Radio compartment also adjusts to fit all models of radios, old or new, and keeps antenna upright for optimum performance...
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  • PMI® Frog Chest Harness

    PMI® Frog Chest Harness

    The PMI® Frog Chest Harness is made in the USA and designed for use with a PMI® Pit Viper seat harness Features: Lightweight 1" Webbing Secure Dual Back Attachment Adjustable One-Size H-Strap across back Weight:  3.4 oz
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  • Kong Klaire Work Positioning Belt Kong Klaire Work Positioning Belt

    Kong Klaire Work Positioning Belt

    Available in two versions: STANDARD version with galvanized steel positioning rings and 2 gear loops PRO FULL version with light alloy positioning rings, 1 gear loop and sling slot for streamlined fitting with the HHO and Sierra Duo...
    $99.99 - $144.99
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  • Kong Rescue Trimmer+ Kong Rescue Trimmer+

    Kong Rescue Trimmer+

      System used for precise positioning during rescue operations: the TRIMMER+ guarantees a millimeter and gentle adjustment both in recovery and in the release of the rope. Equipped with asymmetrical Quick Link for precise connection to the harness...
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  • Kong Indiana Fast Kong Indiana Fast

    Kong Indiana Fast

    ONE SIZE HARNESS | FOR MILITARY, LAW ENFORCEMENT, ENTERTAINMENT WORLD Minimalist harness for military, law enforcement and entertainment world. Certified according to EN12277:2015+A1:2018 type C and tested according to UIAA 105 Consisting of a...
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  • Kong Pike Harness Kong Pike Harness

    Kong Pike Harness

    Full body harness for adventure parks, ultra-light version. The upper straps keep the body inside the harness in case of rollover, increasing safety. Leg loops and shoulder straps with different colors allow easy dressing. Easy and intuitive size...
    $137.99 - $171.99
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  • Petzl Dog Harness

    Petzl Dog Harness

    Lightweight and easily adaptable to different shapes, this harness for airlifting a dog allows the animal to remain operational. Easy adjustment of the harness on the dog with prepositioning elastic. Adapts to different body types (Malinois,Shepherd.....
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