• Kong Convoy Bag Kong Convoy Bag

    Kong Convoy Bag

    EQUIPMENT BAG Equipment bag fitted with pockets and compartments to hold your equipment in a practical and efficient way. Once laid on the ground, it opens up completely, allowing you to  easily locate material, keep it organized and ready for use...
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  • Kong Wilo Bag Kong Wilo Bag

    Kong Wilo Bag

    HOIST HOOK WEIGHT WILO is a hoist hook weight. It functions as a simple hoist hook ballast to prevent unwanted swing and assist the operator with easier control in situations such as strong wind, confined/cluttered areas or other environmental...
    $268.99 - $281.00
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  • Kong Speleo Stair/Ladder Kong Speleo Stair/Ladder

    Kong Speleo Stair/Ladder

    LADDER Speleo ladder consisting of 2 galvanized steel load-bearing cables with a diameter of 2.50 mm 49 wires and steps consisting of 6060 T6 aluminum tubes measuring 20.5x16x210 mm blocked by crushing on the cable at a distance of 30 cm between them...
    $196.99 - $720.22
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  • Kong Lotor Kong Lotor

    Kong Lotor

    MULTIDIRECTIONAL OPENING RING Multidirectional opening ring, suitable for semi-permanent attachment of equipment.It ensures optimal distribution of loads in any position. Uniform load of 22 kN in all directions, tested according to the recent UIAA 130...
    $44.99 - $45.99
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  • Kong Oval Classic Carbon Steel Kong Oval Classic Carbon Steel

    Kong Oval Classic Carbon Steel

    Straight Gate Oval steel carabiner with circular section body.Keylock system that avoids any entanglement.High quality product completely developed and manufactured in Italy.Tested piece by piece. Usage Activites: Mountaineering, Canyoning, and...
    $11.99 - $13.99
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  • Kong Indiana Fast Kong Indiana Fast

    Kong Indiana Fast

    ONE SIZE HARNESS | FOR MILITARY, LAW ENFORCEMENT, ENTERTAINMENT WORLD Minimalist harness for military, law enforcement and entertainment world. Certified according to EN12277:2015+A1:2018 type C and tested according to UIAA 105 Consisting of a...
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  • Kong Slyde Kong Slyde

    Kong Slyde

    ADJUSTER FOR ROPES | IT REDUCES IMPACT FORCES Thanks to the same principle of knots, SLYDE is an ingenious adjuster for ropes that reduces impact forces. It can be used with ropes with a diameter between 9mm and 10mm.The user can self-make its...
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