Professional Products

  • Kong Convoy Bag Kong Convoy Bag

    Kong Convoy Bag

    EQUIPMENT BAG Equipment bag fitted with pockets and compartments to hold your equipment in a practical and efficient way. Once laid on the ground, it opens up completely, allowing you to  easily locate material, keep it organized and ready for use...
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  • Kong Wilo Bag Kong Wilo Bag

    Kong Wilo Bag

    HOIST HOOK WEIGHT WILO is a hoist hook weight. It functions as a simple hoist hook ballast to prevent unwanted swing and assist the operator with easier control in situations such as strong wind, confined/cluttered areas or other environmental...
    $268.99 - $281.00
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  • Kong Speleo Stair/Ladder Kong Speleo Stair/Ladder

    Kong Speleo Stair/Ladder

    LADDER Speleo ladder consisting of 2 galvanized steel load-bearing cables with a diameter of 2.50 mm 49 wires and steps consisting of 6060 T6 aluminum tubes measuring 20.5x16x210 mm blocked by crushing on the cable at a distance of 30 cm between them...
    $196.99 - $720.22
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  • Kong Lotor Kong Lotor

    Kong Lotor

    MULTIDIRECTIONAL OPENING RING Multidirectional opening ring, suitable for semi-permanent attachment of equipment.It ensures optimal distribution of loads in any position. Uniform load of 22 kN in all directions, tested according to the recent UIAA 130...
    $44.99 - $45.99
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  • Kong Indiana Fast Kong Indiana Fast

    Kong Indiana Fast

    ONE SIZE HARNESS | FOR MILITARY, LAW ENFORCEMENT, ENTERTAINMENT WORLD Minimalist harness for military, law enforcement and entertainment world. Certified according to EN12277:2015+A1:2018 type C and tested according to UIAA 105 Consisting of a...
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  • Kong Pirata Black/Orange Kong Pirata Black/Orange

    Kong Pirata Black/Orange

    Descender designed for rope access and work positioning. New design significantly reduces friction during ascent. The cam system perfectly aligns the rope in a single plane, limiting twisting during long descents.  Simplicity of construction...
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  • Kong Tech Finder

    Kong Tech Finder

    Probe for mountaineering and rescue for research of buried in avalanches.Made of light aluminum alloy.Composed by 6 pieces length 50 cm each, diameter 10 mm, total length 300 cmEquipped...
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