• PMI® Rope Bag PMI® Rope Bag

    PMI® Rope Bag

    The PMI® Rope bag’s exclusive combination of features includes 1” tubular handles with rope insert and double sewn seams that reinforce the stress points when stuffing your favorite...
    $34.00 - $44.00
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  • PMI® 9 mm Max Wear™ Pit Rope

    PMI® 9 mm Max Wear™ Pit Rope

    Considered the Gold Standard of caving ropes by recreational cavers and rescuers alike, PMI Pit Rope is one of the burliest and longest-lasting ropes available today. The Max-Wear sheath is designed...
    $80.80 - $970.40
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  • PMI® Multi Strap

    PMI® Multi Strap

    The Multi Strap is a multiple use, easy to use, and low cost tool for rescue and rigging. This one tool has over 20 uses; a pick off strap, litter bridle, adjustable footloop, multi point anchor, and...
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  • PMI® Avatar Radio Harness

    PMI® Avatar Radio Harness

    This simple and sleek harness is designed to attach to the Avatar Diamond chest harness, keeping your radio accessible and out of the way. This lightweight harness takes the place of an additional...
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  • PMI® Stealth Radio Harness

    PMI® Stealth Radio Harness

    You won’t even know you are wearing the Stealth Radio Harness. The no-bulk design stores all of your gear while maintaining a snug fit. Features: Antenna keeper Large pocket w/Velcro...
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    This high performance pick off strap is designed to weigh less and be less bulky, but still perform when you need it. With a sewn anchor loop on the load end and a hand loop on the haul end, this...
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  • PMI® Uniform Belt

    PMI® Uniform Belt

    PMI®’s Uniform Belt is one size fits most and can be trimmed by the user to fit.  Not intended as an emergency harness, but as a backup or “last resort”. Made of 1...
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  • PMI® Vari-Rigger

    PMI® Vari-Rigger

    A simple adjustable strap with D-rings on each end. Double around a suitable anchor for a quick rigging point to use as a variable length tether. Specifications: Adjustment:  24 to 96 in...
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  • PMI® Pickoff Strap

    PMI® Pickoff Strap

    This traditional pick off strap has a metal D ring at the rescuers end for a metal-on-metal connection. Once connected, slack can be removed simply by pulling on the free end of the strap...
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